January 27, 2014

Intelligentsia Coffee: Café Inmaculada Packaging

CafeInmaculada-2891-1-440x308In early December, Intelligentsia Coffee approached us about executing packaging for a limited run of reserve coffees, and we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on the project.

Every client uses Rohner Letterpress’ consultative services differently. While some designers possess only the most general idea of what they are looking to accomplish, others have a very specific execution in mind. Since Matt and Andy from the Intelligentsia Design Team had worked with us on numerous occasions, they had a good idea of our capabilities and how they could most effectively and creatively use us.

The Café Inmaculada (“Immaculate Coffee”) project focuses on coffees grown on a tiny plot of previously untouched soil near Cali, Colombia, that has been planted with previously commercially unavailable coffee varieties. Is this coffee rare? Most definitely, but like almost everything that Intelligentsia Coffee does, the goal is to make the exceptional, the rare, and the exquisite available to those who will appreciate it.

To achieve the desired outcome, Intelligentsia sourced a tin that they then had printed with the “stacked” Intelligentsia logo. Our job was to execute the inner nesting for the three packets of coffee and the external wrap around the tin. “We really focused on the right combination of paper, ink and varnish technique,” said Rohner Letterpress’ Steve Holmquist. “We looked at foil but the size of the piece and cost of production ruled out that approach. To get the most economical use of the press form for all the pieces needed, letterpressing with silver ink and varnish was the best solution. We had them come by the shop and we ran a comparison of blind verses varnish, and we feel that they ended up the best possible result.”

This coffee will only be available for a limited time, so get it while you can: http://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/product/coffee/cafe-inmaculada-collection