February 6, 2013

Vertical Carnival

In the spirit of our Black & White business card promotion (see News, or our Facebook page, or our BigCartel store….), we’re showing off another project that uses black ink and white paper to maximum effect. Ladies and gentlemen, Vertical Carnival….

The detail in Allison Rae’s work is breathtaking. Every square inch of space is like a fully-conceived character in a sweeping epic novel. There is no line, no single dot, that isn’t fully deliberate.



Vertical Carnival is the third print we’ve had the privilege of producing for Allison. Her first, Vertical Cities, was featured in Fingerprint 2, and was an amazing labor of love, as she recreated in Illustrator what was originally a pen-and-ink drawing.

She later revised Vertical Cities, adding even more obsessively rendered patterning, and this, along with Vertical Carnival, are for sale in her Etsy store, signed and numbered.