September 6, 2012

Klaus Has Some Work Done

Klaus, the little dude in the Rohner Letterpress logo, hasn’t been feeling his robust self lately. He’s been a little sluggish, so he called up Liz Cook from Press & Fold Design for some help. She put him on a weight-loss regimen, give him a (type)facelift, and added a dash of color to his wardrobe, and now he feels as good as new!

In other words, we’ve done a little logo refreshing. We’ve gone from this:

to this:


We’re adding his new look to all our collateral, so we’ll have flashy new business cards soon. You’ll see him pop up more in our communications; he’s turning into a bit of a show-off. His web presence will take a little longer to evolve, but hey, the guy works with 20th-century adaptations of 400-year-old-technology. We’ll cut him a little slack getting up to speed on his virtual presence.

Photos of the new stuff on press in the coming weeks!