November 2, 2011

New digs!

It’s been a whirlwind summer and fall for us as we prepared and moved into a new space. After 14 years in Ravenswood, we’ve moved about 5 miles southwest to West Humboldt Park.

We’ve taken over a mostly unused warehouse space in the Chicago Press Corp building at Division and Homan Streets. Our new space is about 40% bigger, so of course we’re filling it up with new equipment. Details on that to come!

It’s a more open floor plan, so we were able to think about proper workflow rather than just where something would fit. Being able to actually plan a blank-slate space was both exciting and overwhelming; moving more than 45 tons of equipment, on the other hand, was mostly just overwhelming. We never had a single down day, though; every business day over the whole four-week process, we were printing in one location or the other.

We’re still settling in (what? You mean these boxes won’t unpack themselves?), and the phone/fax situation is still sorting itself out (thanks, AT&T), but we’re awfully proud of the new space and enjoy showing it off….hint hint. And while we do miss our lunchtime walks to Trader Joe’s, we’re discovering all the great food in our new surroundings. Jibaritos, anyone?